CBC News 2018 Municipal Candidate Questionnaire

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Information About You Name: Raylene Lang-Dion How many years have you lived in Ottawa? Over 25 How do you identify? X Female __ Male __ Non-Binary Do you identify as part of a minority group? __ Yes X No __ … Read More

Ecology Ottawa Survey

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The following is in response to Ecology Ottawa’s survey of candidates. RENEWABLE CITY #1. Over the last term of council, initiatives to address climate change have been delayed, under-staffed and under-financed. It’s even unclear whether city-wide emissions have been rising … Read More

Train Yards and Heron Gate – a tale of two neighbourhoods?

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This op-ed appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on April 6, 2018 The proposed residential development at the Train Yards, and the current re-development at Heron Gate, are giving the Alta Vista community a lot of pause for thought. Both developments … Read More