A responsive councillor who listens to and takes real action to address ward residents’ issues and interests

At the heart of my platform to become your councillor is my commitment to bring a stronger, passionate advocate for the residents of Alta Vista to city hall. I’m not afraid to ask the tough questions and as your councillor, will respectfully challenge conventional ideas and pre-set notions for our ward when necessary. I will respect different points of views and bring together people and organizations with diverse interests to achieve common goals and make real choices that work for our community.

Representing Alta Vista also means listening to the people of Alta Vista. I will work to provide robust, ongoing opportunities for you to have your say and to work with you to address the challenges and support opportunities in our ward. As the city of Ottawa grows and as our community evolves; we always need to consider the impact on the people who live here so our community continues to be liveable and welcoming.


“Having served for nine years on Ottawa council, I know that Raylene is the councillor Alta Vista needs at city hall: a smart, energetic and passionate representative who will work tirelessly to listen and respond to community needs, following in the path of great Ottawa leaders like Jackie Holzman and Marion Dewar.”

On-going consultations to stay connected with Alta Vista

  1. Ensuring true and comprehensive resident consultations on ward-specific major projects. 

    The way the current 10-year Alta Vista special levy was imposed must never happen again without broad public support and consent.


  3. Establishing early and resident-led consultation processes to ensure community interests are well understood AND vigorously represented on development and neighbourhood revitalization projects such as Heron Gate, Playfair Residences, Elmvale Acres and the Canada Lands along Heron Road. 
    Decisions shouldn’t already be taken before mandated and official consultations begin, whether by the developer or the city. We must integrate and consider the human factor as part of the decision-making process, when large development projects have direct impacts on residents, unlike how the Heron Gate community was treated when it was initially announced they were being evicted from their homes with little warning and minimal support.

  5. Holding thoughtful and inclusive townhall meetings throughout the ward on the city budget, as well as neighbourhood issues and projects, in advance of official consultations. 

    I intend to build on the community knowledge of our residents and the desire for public engagement with resident committees in concert with community associations to provide advice on specific issues that are important for our ward.

Better accountability to the residents of Alta Vista

  1. Working with city officials to ensure zoning rules concerning infill housing, and the height and density of new developments are respected, reporting back to residents when zoning and infill rules are in question.

  3. Making myself available and accessible to ward residents so that I can hear directly from you about your concerns and priorities with regular drop-in hours in locations convenient for you, and meeting with you at your door.

  5. Implementing a system of on-going accountability to open a window on city hall decision-making and report on the impact of decisions on our ward with regular print and electronic updates in both official languages.

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