Riverview Park Review survey

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Why are you running to be councillor of your ward?

I am running because Alta Vista needs a strong voice at Ottawa City Hall who will listen to and advocate effectively for residents. As the city and ward are facing significant issues now and into the future, a more thoughtful, strategic, and inclusive approach is needed.


Why do you think that you are the best candidate?

Candidates are talking about similar issues but it is my skill-set and being a woman in politics that differentiates me from others: I have worked for two federal cabinet ministers, provincially, run my own business and advocated for mental health, youth, homelessness, addictions recovery and electing more women.


What is your priority if elected?

There are many issues which need attention in Alta Vista, however, the number one concern is our streets – potholes, safe crossings for school children and seniors, together with cycling and pedestrian improvements. Regardless of transportation mode (walking, cycling, public transit or driving), more focus on safety is the clear priority.

  1. Santina

    Please remember traffic and speed on Alta Vista Dr. as well the terrible conditions of the sidewalks on Alta Vista.