Creating a vibrant community and city that improves the quality of life for all residents, and that attracts business and skilled workers

The City of Ottawa manages a budget of close to $3.4 billion. As we approach a population of one million, we see real pressures on the city’s budget to meet needs in all corners of the city. Since our property taxes form a significant portion of the city budget, I will insist on city and ward investments that are smart and based on evidence to ensure that our ward’s specific needs are considered.

I will ask the hard questions and tell you where the money is going. Working with all interested parties, I want to explore new and creative solutions to enhance services, invest in our infrastructure, and make city-building decisions that have the greatest impact and value to improve the overall quality of life for residents.


“Ray’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, along with her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidates.”


Strengthening the quality of life in Alta Vista

  1. Proposing a Community Hub pilot in the ward, to bring together city services like policing, recreation, library and social services in one location.

  3. Targeting investments and upgrades combined with coherent usage policies to improve and reimagine Alta Vista’s parks and recreation spaces.

  5. Establishing ward-wide consultations on using the Cash-in-lieu of Parkland (CILP) funds (currently $875K for 2018) in our parks and recreation spaces to be sure we understand what the community wants and with value for our investment.

  7. Exploring creative options such as citizen-driven initiatives, or private and not-for-profit support to revitalize green and recreation spaces, for example, revitalizing the quasi-abandoned field house in Robert Andrew Russell park.

  9. Asking you how our green spaces could be used and what further infrastructure improvements we may need, such as designated dog play/park areas as exist in other parts of the city.

  11. Making our green spaces safe with improved lighting, effective forestry management practices, improved flood mitigation, mowing green space and wild animal control (e.g., coyotes).

  13. Advocating for inclusive planning and greater investments in affordable housing, especially in all new developments.

Building a world-class city that makes us proud

  1. Providing leadership to ensure that city budgets, as well as smart taxation and spending decisions that are effective, and reflect the needs of the city and our ward. 
    This includes: 
    • committing to a ward-wide consultation using a combination of in-person and digital processes before voting on property tax and water levy increases; and 
    • mandating city staff to identify non-performing spending areas or programs to understand if efficiencies are possible while ensuring citizens remain unaffected by program changes.

  3. Offering real citizen engagement in major city-wide initiatives that affect us all.This includes: the city budget, the planning for and connections of our ward to LRT Phases 2 and 3, the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats,the design and construction of the new central library, and creating enforceable Ottawa-specific bylaws and rules related to the the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

  5. Focusing on integrated, convenient and improved transit that meets the needs of our community and properly connects us to the LRT in Stage 2.

  7. Identifying and implementing realizable, affordable and concrete actions to make Ottawa a leader in building a sustainable and green city such as strengthening our green spaces and urban forests, smart investments in reducing the city’s carbon footprint, and encouraging effective and realisable waste management practices.


“Ray has spent 20 years making our community a better place, whether helping more women get elected, supporting local addictions recovery, or advocating for children’s health. As a city councillor, she would bring her signature energy to building stronger, safer neighbourhoods and a truly livable city.”

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