“I have been elected to all levels of government in Canada, and I know the kind of person it takes to advocate effectively for issues and communities. What Ray has managed to accomplish at both federal and grassroots levels proves that she would make a really dynamic councillor for Ward 18.”

– Elinor Caplan, businesswoman and former Ontario and federal cabinet minister

“As one of the most caring and genuine people I know, Ray brings to the table strong leadership skills and a long track record of successful community service, making her an excellent choice to represent Alta Vista ward 18.”

– Scott Lawrence, Chair of Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Foundation and COO at HealthCraft Products

“Raylene has helped so many other women in their careers. Now, it is time to help her. She is wicked smart, very hard working and totally dedicated to improving our city’s life. She is a leader. We need her on City Council.”

– Penny Collenette, Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Ottawa

“Ray’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, along with her willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets her far apart from the other candidates.”

– Constance McCrea, Real Estate Broker and resident of Alta Vista Ward 18

“Ray has spent twenty years making our community a better place, whether helping more women get elected, supporting local addictions recovery, or advocating for children’s health.  As a city councillor, she would bring her signature energy to building stronger, safer neighbourhoods and a truly livable city.”

– Daljit Singh Nirman, President of Nirman’s Law

“Raylene is a devoted community leader who has consistently shown her passion for our neighbourhood and the broader Canadian family. Ray will make a dedicated councillor for the Alta Vista ward because this is what she does best: bring people together to serve the greater good.”

– Debra Yearwood, COO of Top Sixty Over Sixty and Alta Vista ward resident

“I am thrilled Ray is taking her shot at political office! You’d be hard-pressed to find a more competent, caring and hard-working councillor for the people of Alta Vista ward! Bonne chance, Raylene!”

– Trudy Chapman, Owner of Chapman Coaching

“Raylene is a persuasive and articulate advocate for the people and businesses of Alta Vista ward. As a long-time resident, she knows what it’s like to drive, walk, bike, take the bus and shop here. I’m confident Raylene would treat all constituents’ concerns equally, no matter where they live in Alta Vista.”

– Alison Crawford, Ward 18 resident

“Having served for 9 years on Ottawa council, I know that Raylene is the councillor Alta Vista needs at city hall: a smart, energetic and passionate representative who will work tirelessly to listen and respond to community needs, following in the path of great Ottawa leaders like Jackie Holzman and Marion Dewar.”

– Michael McSweeney, former Canterbury councillor and President of the Cement Association of Canada

“Many young people in Alta Vista ward struggle with addiction and mental health issues, and with gang and gun violence. Raylene has dealt with and understands these types of youth issues. She listens to, gives voice to, and fights for the rights of people in our diverse ward on eviction issues and many other concerns. I know she will make our community a better place.”

– Guly Maimaiti, Carleton University student and Alta Vista Ward18 resident

“Raylene is bright, articulate, a good listener and fair. She possesses the rare and delicate understanding of the balance between what should be done and what can be done. Voting for Raylene is a vote for positive change for our community.”

– Patrick Murray, Partner at McMillan