As a growing, vibrant urban community, Alta Vista is experiencing more varied safety concerns that need to be addressed in order for residents to thrive. A healthier community allows residents to travel safely and securely.



Bringing back community policing with a visible physical presence, and involving residents in all Alta Vista neighbourhoods to provide effective and practical community policing options and solutions.

  1. Working with residents, neighbourhood and community associations, the Ottawa Police Service and other stakeholders to identify safety issue hotspots early on, and find resolutions by working creatively and proactively with all stakeholders. For instance, after school safety at the pathway entrance on the Finn Court cul de sac can be easily resolved if we identify the issue early and collaboratively, and with a team of stakeholders, before they escalate into major problems.

  3. Reviving and increasing the number of neighbourhood watch programs across the ward, to strengthen our community connections while helping to discourage and prevent crime at a local level.

  5. Initiating the discussion at city hall and with provincial and federal representatives to address gun violence in our city; including exploring the evidence base and effectiveness of banning handguns, as has been discussed in Toronto and Montreal.

    Raylene is a devoted community leader who has consistently shown her passion for our neighbourhood. Raylene will make a dedicated councillor for the Alta Vista ward because this is what she does best: bring people together to serve the greater good.




    1. Implementing the basics: working with the city and transportation/road teams to implement efficient timelines for snow removal and pothole repair. Let’s makes sure that Alta Vista ward no longer remains the ward with the highest number of pothole issues in Ottawa.

    3. Using smart, efficient, practical and evidence-based traffic calming measures to reduce speeding in our neighbourhoods.With the help of residents and city staff together, let’s identify trouble spots and apply proven and cost-effective measures to manage traffic and speeds in those locations.

    5. Improving how we identify and determine where to increase the number of crosswalk guards near schools and modify the traffic light systems near seniors residences to allow for slightly longer pedestrian signals for so that seniors can cross streets safely.

    7. Bringing together residents, businesses, city staff, the NCC as well as provincial and federal elected officials to explore measures that we can implement for a safer traffic management plan for the corner of Bank and Riverside at Billings Bridge, and make it a safer intersection leading into and out of our ward.

    9. Creating a better-connected community with a more complete network of safe cycling lanes and walking paths.

      We have an incomplete network of pathways that end abruptly, often on busy streets, which needs attention. Delivering a systematic review of the existing pedestrian and cycling pathway network in Alta Vista and identifying where linkages need to be made by working with city staff and in consultation with ward residents is essential.  

      The review will highlight: 

      a) The best locations for extensions to connect and integrate Alta Vista’s pathway network to the existing city of Ottawa and NCC networks of pathways, and to key community hubs/service destinations such as the new LRT, Train Yards, future Elmvale development. 

      b) Options like separate bike lanes on busier roads that work for cyclists and drivers as well as residents and businesses. 

      c) Which key pathways should be plowed for use in winter months. 

      d) Smart and coherent “complete street” options, adapted for key Alta Vista roads and corridors to keep traffic moving and that can work for everyone — for residents on foot, on bicycles and in cars, and for businesses. 

      e) Recommendations to improve how decisions are made in instances like the changes to Kilborn Avenue removing on-street parking or building a new connector road to the hospital complex area without segregated bike lanes, in order to make our streets work for all.

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