Action for Alta Vista: Lang-Dion releases campaign platform

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‘I have a track record of bringing people and organizations with diverse interests and common goals together to find solutions’

OTTAWA, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018—Ottawa City Council Alta Vista Ward candidate Raylene Lang-Dion released her campaign platform today, committing to bring stronger representation for Alta Vista ward residents and focusing on making the community safe, healthy and vibrant.

“This election comes at a critical time as Ottawa enters the planning stage for the next 25 years,” says Lang-Dion. “It’s clear that Alta Vista residents,  business owners and organizations are passionate about our community and there is great need for a strong advocate at City Hall to help Alta Vista transform into the future.”

In speaking with residents, Lang-Dion says there are five issues that are raised regularly: road infrastructure, traffic-calming measures, community safety, greater diligence in planning development projects and the need for logical and connected cycling corridors.

“Alta Vista should be a leading community in discussions around infrastructure and development, renewal and planning, and community wellness.  Instead, in conversations across the ward, I continue to hear how people feel Alta Vista is being left behind,” says Lang-Dion, adding that when elected on Oct. 22, she will work collaboratively and consistently to raise the real needs and concerns of residents and ensure they are heard at City Hall. “The way the Alta Vista Levy was imposed, and disruption in neighbourhoods like Heron Gate, must never happen again.”

Key actions include:

  • Ensuring city and ward investments are smart and evidence based, to ensure that Alta Vista residents’ needs are considered and their tax dollars are spent effectively, leading to results;
  • Being a responsive councillor who listens to and takes real action to address ward residents’ issues and interests;
  • Delivering transparent, comprehensive, resident-led consultations on ward projects in advance of official consultations.
  • Working with all interested parties to implement stronger community safety measures, consisting of community policing, reviving and increasing neighbourhood watch programs and starting the discussion at city hall to address gun violence;
  • Implementing smart, efficient, practical and evidence-based traffic calming measures to reduce speeding in our neighbourhoods;
  • Supporting a better-connected community with a more complete network of safe cycling lanes and walking paths; and
  • Creating a vibrant community and city that improves the quality of life for all residents, and that attracts business and skilled workers.

Community leaders recognize that Lang-Dion is the candidate who will ask the tough questions, respectfully challenge ideas and pre-set notions, while ensuring Alta Vista has a lively and expanding consultative process.

In endorsing Lang-Dion, former Canterbury councillor Michael McSweeney, president of the Cement Association of Canada, says: “Having served for nine years on Ottawa council, I know that Raylene is the councillor Alta Vista needs at city hall: a smart, energetic and passionate representative who will work tirelessly to listen and respond to community needs, following in the path of great Ottawa leaders like Jackie Holzman and Marion Dewar.”

Lang-Dion will launch her platform at a rally with supporters on Saturday, September 8 at Hometown Sports Grill (1525 Bank St.) at 12:30 p.m. Media are invited.

The full platform can be downloaded here.


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