Every year, Ottawa rates at the top of international and domestic surveys as “the best place to live.”

For me, growing up in Newfoundland, Ottawa had a mystical quality about it: the focus on public service, natural beauty, historic and national institutions, the bilingual and multicultural nature of the community, and the kind and generous nature of the people.

Working in Ottawa for over 25 years, and living and raising our family in Alta Vista for 20, I continue to meet, people every day who inspire me personally and professionally and who care deeply about our community and neighbourhood.

Alta Vista is one of Ottawa’s most established neighbourhoods.  No longer a suburb of the inner city, we are part of the central urban core.  Alta Vista should be a leading community in discussions around infrastructure and development, renewal and planning, and community wellness.  Instead, in conversations across the ward, I hear consistently how people feel Alta Vista is being left behind.

This election comes at a critical time as Ottawa enters the planning stage for the next 25 years. It’s clear that Alta Vista residents, business owners and organizations are passionate about our community and there is great need  for a strong advocate at City Hall to help Alta Vista transform into the future.  I have a track record of bringing people and organizations with diverse interests but common goals together to find solutions.

I am the candidate who will ask the tough questions, respectfully challenge ideas and pre-set notions, while ensuring Alta Vista has a lively and expanding consultative process.  I firmly believe in respect for all people and points of view.  Based on what I’ve heard from you, I have set out a number of priorities that will make sure Alta Vista continues on a strong path with a fair mix of community interest and thoughtful development.  For a more detailed outline of my ideas, please see my full platform.


“Having served for 9 years on Ottawa council, I know that Raylene is the councillor Alta Vista needs at city hall: a smart, energetic and passionate representative who will work tirelessly to listen and respond to community needs, following in the path of great Ottawa leaders like Jackie Holzman and Marion Dewar.”

– Michael McSweeney, former Canterbury councillor and President of the Cement Association of Canada


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"I have been elected to all levels of government in Canada, and I know the kind of person it takes to advocate effectively for issues and communities. What Ray has managed to accomplish at both federal and grassroots levels proves that she would make a really dynamic councillor for Ward 18."

– Elinor Caplan, businesswoman and former Ontario and federal cabinet minister

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